Transfer Stations

Council operates four Transfer Stations to enable residents to dispose of large items or waste not accepted in the kerbside collection.

The Transfer Stations are located at Eldorado, Markwood, Moyhu and Wangaratta.

Customers are encouraged to Separate & $ave!  By separating recyclables from general waste prior to visiting the Transfer Station you will save money and reduce waste going to landfill. To find more information on sorting your load click here.

Free Ewaste concluded at local Transfer Stations

Electronic waste (Ewaste) will now incur a waste disposal charge at all Transfer Stations. Recycling of Ewaste had previously attracted funding under the Product Stewardship Agreement supported by the Federal Government. Unfortunately due to a fall in recycling targets this program has discontinued. To find out more on disposing Ewaste please click here.

Silage Wrap

Silage wrap can be recycled for free of at all Transfer Stations within Wangaratta. Silage wrap will only be accepted if it is clean and contained in a clear plastic bag as provided by Plasback. The motto is "shake contaminants out of the silage wrap, roll it into a tight ball and rattle into town to a recycling station". To find out more please visit the Plasback website.

Used Motor Oil

The used motor oil received at Transfer Stations is recycled and has many valuable uses including new lubricating oils or for fuel and energy purposes. One litre of used motor oil can contaminate up to one million litres of water.

Do the right thing and take your used motor oil to the Wangaratta Transfer Station FREE OF CHARGE. For easy disposal oil must be contained in 5 - 20 litre containers, Council will not accept commercial quantities. Remember to recycle your plastic containers!


For further information regarding Council's Transfer Stations please contact Council ‘s Customer Service Unit on (03) 5722 0888 or email or to view a copy of the Transfer Station fees and charges please click here.

Please note: On days of High Fire Danger (Severe/Extreme or Code Red Fire Danger) Transfer Station operations may be altered or the facilities may be closed.