Tree Updates

Tree Updates

In the interests of providing community members with up to date information on current tree management decisions, any relevant documentation will be provided here.

Following an investigation by an arborist, three trees have been recommended for removal. Unfortunately these trees have reached a stage where Council needs to intervene- for the safety of the community and so that planning can begin for replacement trees.

Proposed works

The three trees deemed necessary in the reports for removal are as follows:

  • A Lemon-scented Gum (Corymbia citriodora) located in Ryley St adjacent to the school crossing; (Planning Application number 17/015)
  • A Plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia) in King George V Gardens with advanced decay; and
  • A Golden Poplar (Populus x Canadensis) in King George V Gardens that is in decline. (Planning Application 17/014)

PDFTree Assessment King George Gardens (2610 KB)

PDFTree Assessment Ryley Street (836 KB)

Last Updated: 07-03-2017

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