Street Tree Planting

Street Tree Planting

Residents who are interested in having Council plant a street tree need to contact Council to confirm an appropriate location.

Council uses the following guidelines:

  • The planted area must maintain and not disrupt existing services for example: not obstruct storm water drains, underground cables or overhead powerlines.
  • Council has a strict species selection to make sure that invasive plants (or plants currently listed as an environmental weed) are not planted.
  • Plants should be appropriate to site and not interfere with footpaths or overhead services. These steps are all in place to ensure the safety and longevity our trees, for the future and to minimise maintenance costs.

Strategic planting

Council is working towards an ongoing strategic street tree replacement program, in this program trees are planted in streets or areas to establish local streetscapes. The key areas are new sub divisions and selected established streets. Council aspires to plant an avenue of trees to create street character and beauty. Resident feedback is included when selecting a species.

Through this program resident’s requests for a street tree are considered. As this is a strategic planting program there may be a delay in a tree being planting or if the site is not suitable, no tree will be planted.

Maintaining newly planted street trees

An optimal street tree requires follow up maintenance. We recommend for at least the first growing season that regular watering continues especially during the warmer months.
Mulch is important to maintain a tree’s health. It helps retain water and reduce weeds. Council places weed free wood mulch on our newly planted street trees. This gives the soil more nutrients as it breaks down.

You should never place lawn clippings around trees and mulch should never be touching the trunk of the tree this causes collar rot and results in killing the tree!

This maintenance is completed by the Arboriculture team in the first growing season, but we strongly encourage residents to participate in care of the tree helping us create an avenue of trees in your street for years to come.

Last Updated: 04-08-2011

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