Roads, Bridges and Footpaths

Provision and maintenance of roads, bridges, drains, footpaths, kerb and channel is a core function of Council.

Roads and Infrastructure

Provision and maintenance of roads and infrastructure is a core function of Council with a team of over seventy staff responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, drains, footpaths and kerb and channel.  Read more

Works within Road Reserves

If you are proposing to undertake works within Municipal Road Reserves, please consider the following information, then complete the "Works within Municipal Road Reserves" application form, before you commence. Read more

Road Management Plan and Register

The Wangaratta Road Management Plan establishes a management system for Council's road management functions, which are based on policy and operational objectives as well as available resources. Read more

Road Naming

As the Rural City of Wangaratta continues to grow the need arises to name roads for new developments and also occasionally rename existing roads. Read more

Signs and Street Lighting

Council is responsible for the erection and maintenance of street, warning, regulatory and directional signage throughout the municipality. Read more


The Rural City of Wangaratta has over 300 bridges and major culverts which makes up 8% of Victoria's local road bridges and major culverts. Read more

Infrastructure Design Manual

The aims of the Infrastructure Design Manual is to implement a set of norms and standards across various participating local authorities within Victoria, with regard to planning and engineering standards. Read more


There is over 110km of concrete footpaths in the Rural City of Wangaratta with ongoing construction and maintenance of footpaths being undertaken throughout the year.  Read more