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The Rural City of Wangaratta has completed the following Heritage Studies.

The following is a list of studies completed. Downloadable links to these studies are available by clicking on the name of the study below

The Rural City of Wangaratta Heritage Study Review (Part 1) and Urban Precincts 2011 – Volumes 1 and 2 provided the background to Amendment C43 and C44 to the Wangaratta Planning Scheme. C44 was approved in December 2014 and C43 is currently with the Minister for Planning for approval.  

The Heritage Review, 2004 is the first study to comprehensively record sites with heritage significance across the entire municipality.

The Rural City of Wangaratta Heritage Study Review (Part 1) and Urban Precincts 2011 – Volumes 1 and 2 provided the background to Amendments C43 and C44 to the Wangaratta Planning Scheme. These studies focused on heritage precincts in urban areas of Wangaratta and significant, vulnerable places that represented a range of themes in the rural areas of the municipality. C44 was approved in December 2014 and C43 was approved in August, 2015. 

Current Work Heritage Review, 2015 (Adopted) and Planning Scheme Amendment C70

The Heritage Review 2015 builds on work started in the Heritage Study 2004. The final report identifies 110 rural properties as having historical significance and updates them in accordance with HERCON (the National Heritage List) criteria. Each property has a citation describing the property and includes a statement of significance explaining how, why and what is significant from a heritage perspective. 

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council 17 November, 2015, Council adopted the Heritage Review, 2015. The adopted version of the Review includes a number of changes to address feedback provided in submissions. Council agreed to implement the Review’s recommendations, via a planning scheme amendment

This amendment also proposes the removal of Heritage Overlay – 123 North House – (group of 3) Closer Settlement, some corrections to the planning scheme to address formatting and administrative matters.

The key steps in a planning scheme amendment are shown below, with the orange boxes indicating the steps currently in motion and the blue boxes indicate the future steps to finalise the amendment:


The background Report adopted by Council can be found at the link at the bottom of the page. The details for the exhibition of Amendment 70 and how to make a submission are:

Exhibition Period: Thursday, 18 February, 2016 – Thursday, 24 March 2016

Exhibition Documents: Can be accessed on the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning Website from Thursday, 18 February, 2016: www.delwp.vic.gov.au/public-inspection

Frequently Asked Questions:

A list of commonly asked questions about amendments and the Heritage Overlay can be downloaded by accessing the link located at the bottom of this page.

How to Make a Submission:

You can make comments supporting or objecting to Amendment C70 in writing, via email or by filling out the Amendment C70 Submission Form. (Submission forms can be downloaded by accessing the link at the bottom of this page). All submissions must be received by COB 24 March, 2016 and can be sent to Council by:


Att: Strategic Planning Team     

Amendment C70

PO BOX 238

Wangaratta VIC   3676



 Please include in the subject line:

 Att: Strategic Planning Team Amendment C70 

Submitting a document in person:

Wangaratta Government Centre during business hours,
Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm

At the Corner of Ford and Ovens Street Wangaratta.

If you have any questions about the Heritage Review or Planning Scheme Amendment C70 please contact the Strategic Planning Department on 5722 0888.

Revised Heritage Review 2015

The Heritage Review 2015 was adopted by Council at its November 2015 meeting. The following link provides access  to the adopted Heritage Review 2015 and related documents.




PDFC70 Submission Form (278 KB)

PDFC70 Frequently Asked Questions (334 KB)

Last Updated: 18-02-2016

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