Strategic Planning Projects


Council has recently initiated an ambitious strategic planning program.

The purpose of this program is to inform the development of planning strategies, local planning policies, prepare development plans, review of Council’s MSS and to update the planning scheme provisions in order to meet council’s statutory obligations.

Council has completed a number of planning studies and undertaken planning scheme amendments. Copies of planning studies completed are available for public viewing. The following are some of Councils key strategic planning projects.

Current Strategic Projects

North West and South Growth Area Precinct Structure Plans: Council is in the process of developing Precinct Structure Plans for North West and South Wangaratta Residential Growth Areas and seeking input from the community, landowners and stakeholders.

Council is also undertaking specialist background studies to inform the development of this plan. Areas that have been identified as significant and are the subject of specialist studies include

  • Biodiversity
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Traffic
  • Bushfire Risk Assessment

Community and stakeholder consultation occurred in May, and specialist study field assessments commenced in September. The next step in the process is to finalise the draft specialist studies. This is to occur in November. Once finalised the specialist studies will be used to inform a Precinct Structure Plan (expected to be finalised in June 2015), which will be followed by a planning scheme amendment to implement its recommendations.

Recent Strategic Studies:

The following documents outline some of the recent strategic studies completed for Council. These studies are being used to inform planning scheme amendments and develop local planning policy. For example the Wangaratta Heritage Study Reviews have been used to refine existing heritage precincts in Wangaratta Planning Scheme Amendment C44 and identify new properties worthy of protection based on heritage significance in Wangaratta Planning Scheme Amendment C43.

If you require further information about these studies or planning scheme amendments, please contact Councils Strategic Planning Unit on 5722 0888.

Recent Strategic Studies: Links

PDFCentral Activities Area - Future Planning Report (2324 KB)

PDFGlenrowan Bushfire Risk Assessment Study (5556 KB)

PDFPopulation and Housing Strategy (2425 KB)

PDFPopulation and Housing Strategy-Appendices (3753 KB)

PDFSouth Wangaratta Urban Renewal Strategy, Part 2 - Master Plan (4481 KB)

PDFHeritage Study Review (Part 1) and Urban Precincts 2011 Vol 1 Urban Places (10670 KB)

PDFHeritage Study Review (Part 1) and Urban Precincts 2011 Vol 2 Rural Places (6844 KB)

PDFRural Landscape Assessment Study and Review (10831 KB)

PDFMunicipal Land Strategy (2218 KB)

PDFBushfire Assessment Study (5251 KB)

Last Updated: 05-01-2016

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