Planning Permits

Planning Permits

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council is responsible for ensuring that land is used and developed in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner, to provide a sustainable future for its residents.

Please ensure you have discussed your proposal with Council's Planning unit before lodging your application for a planning permit. If you have previously discussed your proposal with the Planning unit and determined that planning approval is required, you can complete an application form which is available from Council's Planning unit or can be downloaded (see below).

When applying for a permit you are also required to fill out the Planning Application form, pay the application fee and provide proposal details, plans and supporting documentation. The type and level of detail of supporting documentation required by Council will depend on the nature of the proposal.

For most applications the following is required as a minimum:

  • Application for Planning permit (duly filled)
  • A recent and complete copy of title to the land (including any covenants and map/ plan showing any easements)
  • Existing site conditions plan (site and its context)
  • Plan of proposed development- site plan, layout, elevations etc. (in the case of a development application)
  • Explanation of the proposed use - hours of operation, number of employees, etc.

Further supporting information may be required if the site is covered by planning controls such as Heritage Overlay, Inundation Overlay, Bushfire Management Overlay etc. or other planning provisions such as car parking requirements.

Sufficient and appropriate supporting documentation is important to enable Council and the community to fully understand the proposal and, in the case of Council, make a well-informed decision. If this information is not submitted with the application, your application will be delayed.

To request a copy of old plans or permits, you may download the application form below.

For further information please contact Council's Planning unit on (03) 5722 0888 or You can also see answers to some of the frequently asked questions on our FAQ page

To assist you in preparing your application for a new planning permit or an amendment to a permit or plans already approved by Council, the Planning unit has developed a range of documents which are available for download at the bottom of the page.


Planning Alerts

Find out for free what is being built and knocked down in your area and receive email alerts when something new is planned. Visit PlanningAlerts.

PlanningAlerts is a free service which searches as many planning authority websites as it can find and emails you details of applications near you. The aim of this to enable shared scrutiny of what is being built (and/or knocked down) in peoples'communities.


Public Notification

If Council believes that your proposal may have an impact on other people, for example your neighbours, the adjoining properties may be advised through letters and the application may be advertised in a local paper for 14 days for public comment.

In response to this notification, surrounding land owners may lodge written objections to the proposal. These objections must state how they believe the proposal will affect them. In considering the application Council must take into account the concerns raised in the objections. Council may involve the applicant and the objectors in a mediation process to attempt to resolve any concerns, prior to determining the application.



Council may also send the application to other agencies, such as the Department of Sustainability and Environment or VicRoads for advice or direction. In some cases the planning scheme requires that the application be sent to certain agencies such as Goulburn Murray Water (GMW), North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA), Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Environment Protection Authority (EPA). In this case Council must comply with the response from that agency. The response may include a requirement of additional information or that certain conditions be included on any permit granted or may require that the application be refused. Even if not required by the Planning Scheme Council may choose to send the application to another agency if it believes the proposal may impact on their interests or the agency may be able to provide Council with some advice to assist in the assessment of the application.


Consideration of an Application

Council is responsible for considering and determining planning permit applications. Council's Planning unit makes an assessment of the proposal. Council is able to delegate responsibility to an officer to determine planning applications. Council has granted delegation to the Manager – Planning Services to determine some planning applicationsAppeals

Where applicants or objectors disagree with Council's decision they can lodge an appeal with the Victoria Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Applicants can do so by contacting VCAT on 1300 01 8228 or by visiting their website at

For further information on the planning permit process please contact Council's Planning unit on (03) 5722 0888 or


Planning Register

All planning applications, that are awaiting decision, are available for viewing at the Wangaratta Government Centre during business hours. 

To view the planning application register please visit the Planning and Building unit at the Wangaratta Government Centre, Corner Ford and Ovens Streets, Wangaratta.



PDFCultural Heritage Management Declaration Form (this form must be completed in conjunction with an application for a Planning Permit) (35 KB)

PDFTown Planning Assessment Process (248 KB)

PDFApplication for a Planning Permit (426 KB)

PDFApplication to Amend a Planning Permit (438 KB)

PDFRequest for Copy of Planning Permit and / or Plans (132 KB)

PDFSecondary Consent Request Form (184 KB)

PDFExtension of Time Application Form (124 KB)

Last Updated: 19-09-2017

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