Installing a Septic Tank

Installing a Septic Tank

If your property is not in a declared sewerage area and you are proposing to build a new home you will be required to install an onsite wastewater disposal system to treat household wastewater. Septic tanks have been used in un-sewered areas for many years as a form of primary treatment of sewage. A modern system must comply with strict environmental requirements and must treat and contain all wastewater within the boundaries of the property.

The septic tank is an underground watertight tank generally constructed of concrete or plastic which is usually divided into at least two compartments. The tank receives all sewage and separates the solid portion of the waste from the liquid portion. The liquid portion (effluent) passes out of the tank after approximately 24 hours.

Prior to installing your septic tank you will require a permit.  To apply for a permit download the septic tank application form below.

For more information regarding septic tanks please contact Council's Environmental Health unit on (03) 5722 0888 or 


PDFSeptic Tank Application Form (128 KB)

DOCXSeptic Tank Application Form Word Format (147 KB)

PDFSewer Connection Exemption Policy 2015 (186 KB)

Last Updated: 20-07-2017

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