Collecting Firewood

Collecting Firewood

In the Rural City of Wangaratta, there are several options for firewood collection at firewood depots and on approved roadsides. However many roadsides are threatened habitats and collection on roadsides is limited.

Sadly, not enough people realise how important it is to maintain roadside vegetation. Roadside vegetation provides important habitat to animals such as parrots, kookaburras, owls, possums, gliders, bats, and geckos. All of these local  residents are on our high conservation road reserves and require hollows and  fallen timber for shelter and homes .

To help address these issues and the limited supply of firewood the Rural City of Wangaratta participated in the ‘North East Community Firewood Access Project’.  This helped encourage Councils, VicRoads and other organisations to work with their communities to assist in access of firewood through the establishment of firewood depots.

Two Council firewood depots offer a good alternative to collection from roadsides.

Firewood Permits are required to collect wood at Firewood Depots. These are available from the Glenrowan Post Office, the Eldorado Store and the Wangaratta Government Centre.

  • $21.00 Non Concession, and
  • $14.00 Concession Card Holders for RCoW depots

For further information please contact Council on (03) 5722 0888.


Firewood FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding firewood collection.

Where can I collect firewood?
Council firewood depots located in Eldorado and Glenrowan and State Government DELWP designated firewood collection areas. There may also be certain roads where firewood can be collected, these vary and you need to check with the road manager.

Do I need a permit for firewood collection?
Yes for collection at Council firewood depots and roadsides. A permit is not required for State Government DELWP designated collection areas, however collection periods are seasonal.

Where are Council Firewood Depots located?
Glenrowan Firewood Depot is located on Rifle Range Road, Glenrowan, next to
the Glenrowan Rifle Range Club.

Eldorado Firewood Depot is located between Main Street and Tresize Street. Enter
from Main Street approximately 200m North East of Tresize Street.

Where are the DELWP Free Collection areas located?
There are a number of DELWP collection areas within the Rural City. See the website of Department of Environment Land Water and Planning for locations.

What are DELWP’s seasonal collection periods?
Firewood can only be collected from designated firewood areas on State government reserves from
Autumn: 1 March – 30 June & Spring: 1 September – 30 November.
This may vary in some years, so it is important to check the DELWP website.

What roadsides can I collect firewood from?
On approved roadsides that generally have lower conservation values. Council’s customer service team can advise if firewood collection is permitted.

Are separate permits required for roadside collection & collection from firewood depots?
Yes a separate permit is issued for firewood depots and roadside collections.

Where can I purchase a firewood permit?
Domestic firewood permits (for roadside collection) and firewood depot permits can be both purchased at the Wangaratta Government Centre. Firewood Depot permits can also be purchased at the Eldorado and Glenrowan Post Offices.

How much is a firewood permit?
Both roadside and firewood depot permits are: $21.00 (non concession) per permit for the collection of up to 2 cubic metres and $14.00 (concession) per permit for up to 2 cubic metres for concession card holders.

A tree just fell – can I have the wood?
Due to different conditions for private and public land, it depends where the tree falls and contact should be made with Council to clarify.

- If the tree is on private land then usually yes, unless a Trust for Nature Covenant, offset plan or agreement on title applies to the site

- You can obtain a permit from customer services to collect wood from a low conservation roadside but you are generally not permitted to collect fallen wood from a medium or high conservation roadside.

- For public safety reasons, the public is not permitted to collect wood from a fallen tree in Council parks and reserves. Please report to Council for the tree crew to action tree issues.

You cannot collect wood from a fallen tree on council land (creek/river or bush land reserve), or on crown land (national park, state forest, local reserve).


PDFNorth East Firewood Access Report (582 KB)

PDFA Guide to Firewood Brochure (1757 KB)

Last Updated: 30-11-2016

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