In the Rural City of Wangaratta there are several options for firewood collection at firewood depots and on approved roadsides.

Collecting Firewood

To help address issues related to the limited supply of firewood the Rural City of Wangaratta participated in the ‘North East Community Firewood Access Project’ providing the community with a sustainable source of firewood. Read more

Community Firewood Depots

To help protect our native road reserves the Rural City of Wangaratta maintains two firewood depots at Eldorado and Glenrowan. Read more

Purchasing Alternative Firewood

Companies often have timber off cuts that are suitable for burning and invite the community to make use of their timber waste. Read more

Collecting Firewood from Roadsides

The collection of roadside timber is only available on lower conservation roadsides throughout the Rural City of Wangaratta. Read more