Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater Management Plan

The strategy aims to protect and improve the quality of urban stormwater. The purpose of the plan identifies the main values and main threats which contribute to poor water quality and establishes objectives which aim to protect and enhance water quality

The Stormwater Management Plan includes initiatives to reduce stormwater pollution through education programs and interception by litter traps and wetlands. To date, Council has installed 13 litter traps in hot spots around Wangaratta for stormwater contaminants.  They are very effective in catching large items such as garbage and leaves.  They are not a complete solution though as small or liquid contaminants such as cigarette butts, oils and sediments will still pass through and pollute our creeks.  Council has conducted several local education campaigns about littering to help improve awareness.

Another initiative already completed from the Stormwater Management Plan is the construction of a wetland system in Phillipson Street.  This wetland filters stormwater, gradually removing contaminants as it passes through the vegetated ponds.  It also acts as a flow regulator, allowing the water to pass gradually into the creek with a decreased nutrient load.   

Council is responsible for the construction and maintenance of surface and underground drainage systems within the urban area of Wangaratta which is made up of over 350 – 400 km of pipe and 7,000 – 8,000 drainage pits.

Some stormwater drains under and along local roads, drainage and service pits, lids and grates are the responsibility of Council with ongoing cleaning and maintenance undertaken throughout the year. 

For further information on drainage and stormwater or to report any damaged or broken pit lids please contact Council's Customer Service team on (03) 5722 0888 or

Last Updated: 22-08-2011

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