Wangaratta Children's Services Centre

Wangaratta Children’s Services Centre, 1 Handley Street Wangaratta, offers professional high quality childcare in a safe atmosphere for children aged six weeks to six years. The child care service is open 50 weeks of the year from 6.45am to 6.15pm and caters for working and non-working families.

With 70 places available at the centre, regular care is available as well as sessional and casual care depending on availability.

Children have the opportunity for safe, secure, developmentally appropriate play, in the large landscaped playgrounds.

Family participation is encouraged and valued, with a variety of opportunities to participate available throughout the year.

The Centre has achieved Start Right Eat Right  accreditation, which  ensures that children’s nutritional needs are met throughout the day. The Start Right Eat Right  program is part of the “go for your life program” established by the State government which encourages healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

The staff have a wealth of experience and expertise, providing care within early childhood education programs. The programs provide a range of stimulating experiences and activities, provided in a child safe environment and are based on the individual and developmental needs of each child. The programs also incorporate special events and visitors to the centre.

Preschool Program

A funded preschool program is available at the Wangaratta Children's Services Centre. The preschool program is run by a qualified Kindergarten Teacher and is incorporated into the Long Day Care Centre environment, with children attending on Read more