At some point in our lives, most of us have had the chance to experience the renovation world.  Before you renovate or extend, careful planning will assist you in managing the project well and minimise disruptions.  Before you start ensure you know what regulations and procedures are in place to ensure your building work is completed successfully. 

There are also many other things to consider such as who you should use to manage and complete your building work and what their obligations are to fulfil the job.

If you decide to be an owner-builder, you will need to take responsibility for insurance, occupational health and safety and other compliance matters just like a builder, so understanding your rights and responsibilities is paramount.

For more information on renovating your home or to arrange a final inspection please contact Council's Building unit on:


Obtaining house plans

Subject to completing an application form and paying a nominated fee, resident owners can request a copy of house plans from Council's Customer Service. 

Potential buyers of property are not able to retrieve house plans without obtaining written consent from the owner. 

Last Updated: 12-09-2011

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