Becoming an Owner Builder

Becoming an Owner Builder

An owner-builder is defined as a person who constructs or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, who is not in the business of building.

Many people choose to become an owner builder to reduce the cost margins of employing a registered builder. 

An owner builder needs plenty of time to prepare thoroughly, make well informed choices of tradespeople and carefully supervise all stages of the project. 

Owner builders may undertake all or part of the building works themselves, except in areas that require licensed tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers and roof tilers.  Being an owner builder has advantages including increased control over the whole project and more flexibility. 

Most of the laws and regulations that apply to registered builders also apply to owner builders.  Owner builders need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Domestic Building Contracts Act and the Building Act. 

Registering as an Owner-builder

If the cost of works exceed $16,000 for an owner builder, consent from the Building Commission for registration is required.

To register as an owner builder visit



Last Updated: 15-12-2017

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