Building Permit

Building Permit

What are building permits?

Building permits are the documents that signify that a building surveyor has approved building work prior to its commencement. 

Download a Building Permit Application below.

Is a Building Permit required?

In most instances the answer is often yes. Practice Note 32 issued by the Building Commission lists the types of building work that do and do not require a building permit.

How to lodge a Building Permit Application

  1. Check with Planning Department (03) 5722 0839 to see if a Planning permit is required prior to building.
  2. Prepare documents as listed on checklist to be submitted with your Building Application (see below).
  3. Complete a Building Permit application form (see below).
  4. Copy of Title (no more than 6 months old) available online at

Fees for Building Permits are required as part of the application process under the Building Act. These fees are required to be paid at the time of lodgement of the application. There are also associated fees to accompany the application. These are the State Government Levy and the Lodgement Fee.

Information on Fees due is available on application to the Building Department. Please call (03) 5722 0817.

If a Planning permit is issued there must be consistency between the Planning and Building Permits. If the submitted drawings for the Building Permit are different to those that have been endorsed by Planning then an amendment to the Planning Permit must be sought from the Planning Department.

If a Planning Permit is required a Building Permit cannot be issued until the Planning Permit has been issued. 

Building Inspections

Inspections are an important part of the permit process. All new building and renovations for which the building permit has been issued must also have an Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection issued before their use.

The following mandatory inspections are required in relation to building permits:

  • Prior to placing footings (concrete or stumps)
  • Completion of framework
  • Final-upon completion of all building work

Arranging a building inspection

Inspections may be arranged by phoning (03) 5722 0817 during office hours.  (Please quote building permit number). A minimumof 24 Hours notice is required.

Failure to Obtain a Building permit

The Building Act 1993 requires that a building permit is issued before any building work commences.

The Act prescribes penalties of up to $95,142 and 5 years imprisonment for individuals, and up to $475,710 for companies who fail to comply with this requirement.

Owners may also face difficulties selling their property if building permit documentation for work carried out cannot be provided to potential purchases.

Lapsed Building Permits

Building Permits Lapse in the following situations:


  • Building works not started within one year of the building permit date.
  • Building works not completed within two years of the building permit date.
  • Relocated dwellings not started within 6 months of the building permit date.
  • Relocated dwellings not completed within 12 months of the building permit date.


  • Building works not started within one year of the building permit date.
  • Building works not completed within three years of the building permit date.

Swimming Pools:

  • Works not completed (including safety barriers), within 6 months of the building permit date.

Extension of time in respect of a Council permit

Council's Municipal Building Surveyor may allow an extension of time to commence or complete works covered by a building permit issued by Rural City of Wangaratta, where the building work warrants an extension.

Building permits issued by private building surveyors can only be extended by the private building surveyor.

The commencement or completion periods can only be extended prior to the lapse of the permit.

An application for an extension of time in respect of a Council permit, must include:

  • A covering letter describing stage of work, the works to be completed and reasons for the extension.
  • Fee of $115 including GST 

Building Fees

Please see attached list at the bottom of the page for a full list of building fees and charges.

Building Information Sheets

Below are a number of information sheets to assist you when applying for a range of different building permits. Further information is also available from the Victorian Building Association (VBA) website which can be accessed by clicking here.


PDFBuilding Permit Application (43 KB)

PDFVBA Practice Note - When is a Building Permit Required? (201 KB)

PDFVBA Practice Note - Building Permit Documentation Requirements (204 KB)

PDFBuilding Information Sheet - House Alterations (406 KB)

PDFBuilding Information Sheet - Building a House (415 KB)

PDFBuilding Information Sheet - Re-stumping your House (391 KB)

PDFBuilding Information Sheet - Shed or Carport (410 KB)

PDFBuilding Information Sheet - Shipping Containers (428 KB)

PDFBuilding Fees 2017-2018 (430 KB)

Last Updated: 06-09-2017

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