Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP)

The HACC Program for Younger People provides help at home services for people with disabilities and their carers. Younger people are defined as those aged under 65 and aged under 50 for Aboriginal people. Some of these clients will transfer to the National Disability Insurance Scheme as it rolls out in Victoria October 2017.

The HACC Program for Younger People provides basic support and maintenance services to help people with disabilities remain living at home as independently as possible. The HACC Program for Younger People is funded and managed by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Local Council makes significant contributions to this program. Fees paid by people who use this program also contribute to this program’s resources. 

To find out if you need an assessment and if you are eligible for help at home services, you can call Council’s Assessment Service officers on 03 5722 0885 or 03 5722 0713.

Local councils are major providers of services throughout Victoria and provide a comprehensive needs assessment and can arrange referrals if needed.

After a referral is received and processed, an Assessment Officer will visit you in your home to talk about your needs. The Assessment Officer might ask a lot of questions so they can understand your situation and any support services you need. After the assessment you will be given an individual care plan that you and the Assessment Officer both agree on. The plan will outline the services and tasks you need. The Assessment Officer might also give you other options and help with referrals to other agencies or programs to help improve your ability to live within your home and community.

The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People provides support for younger people with disabilities whose capacity for independent living is at risk.

Services are targeted to younger people with moderate, severe or profound disabilities and their unpaid carers. Not everyone who is eligible can receive an immediate service.

The main types of HACC PYP service are:

  • domestic assistance
  • personal care
  • nursing
  • allied health services (such as physiotherapy, podiatry and dietetics)
  • food services (delivered meals and centre-based meals)
  • planned activity groups
  • property maintenance
  • respite services
  • friendly visiting
  • transport services provided by volunteers.

Last Updated: 27-04-2017

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