Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches is valued by Wangaratta residents for its natural beauty, history and activities like walking and cycling.

The name Northern Beaches derived from the two small sandy beaches which grace the sharpest bends on this large loop in the Ovens River.

This 10.5 hectare reserve is a fine example of the ‘Riverine Grassy Woodland’ native vegetation community.

The river and its surrounds provided an important source of food and harvest for former local indigenous people. Significant evidence still remains throughout the bushland like a ‘canoe tree’ Canoe trees are made by carefully removing the bark and cutting a long oval shape from the trunk of the tree. It’s then wrapped in leaves and steamed on coals. We can now see the characteristic canoe-shaped scar which is slowly healing by growing over.

In a wet winter Northern Beaches is prone to flooding helping to keep the lagoons full of water for months afterwards, providing further valuable resources for native wildlife and plants.

Northern Beaches can be accessed from College Street, Wangaratta (at B8 on the Wangaratta City Map).

A list of facilities at Northern Beaches and other Council Reserves is available on the Parks, Gardens and Reservespage.

Download a map of the Northern Beaches trails:

PDFNorthern Beaches Trails (258 KB)

Last Updated: 30-11-2016

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