Rural City of Wangaratta Aquatics Plan 2014

Picture of new 50 metre pool

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday, 16 September 2014, Council’s Administrators endorsed the Rural City of Wangaratta Aquatics Plan 2014.

The following overview outlines the recommended option for the future development of aquatic facilities within the municipality.

New outdoor 50m pool at WISAC

The development of an outdoor 50m pool - to be co-located at the Wangaratta Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre (WISAC) - will provide the universally accepted standard for lap swimmers, aquatic education and competitive training for swimming events. The new pool would be a 50 metre, 8 lane pool with correct depth for competitive swimming, solar heating, and waveless entry pool-edges.

Partnered with the existing 25 metre pool this facility would create a regionally significant aquatic facility and be eligible for state level swimming events as well as hosting additional aquatic sports such as water polo.

WISAC’s new co-generation technology lends value to the co-location of pools, resulting in energy and cost savings. The WISAC roof space will also allow for solar heating that will facilitate an extension of the outdoor pool season

New Hydrotherapy Pool at WISAC

The addition of a hydrotherapy pool - to be located at WISAC - will ensure adequate provision for aquatic therapy and aqua fitness programs at a time when the portion of our overall population over 65 years-of-age is projected to rise from 16% to over 25% in 2026. The new hydrotherapy pool will be located in an area of the facility that provides easier access and greater privacy for people using the pool.

The additional hydrotherapy pool will reduce demand on the existing facility, allowing it to be further utilised for indoor swimming education.

The additional aquatic facility developments will be accompanied by an upgrade and increase in change room facilities, as well as expansion of supporting aquatic plant.

New no-depth Splash Park at Mitchell Avenue Playground

Now complete, the Splash Park located at Mitchell Avenue Playground in the Yarrunga neighbourhood provides a unique, FREE to access, aquatic and recreational experience for the community. The facility is a no depth design that combines water and non-water elements to create a stimulating and engaging recreational space for children and their families. The splash park is versatile enabling year round use with flexibility for conversion to meet family activities in the cooler months.

The facility has been developed within the established Mitchell Avenue Playground and adds to the play and community infrastructure that has recently been developed. The playground has become a recreational precinct that provides accessible and inclusive play opportunities for the local neighbourhood and the wider community.

Closure of Olympic Pool and development of the site for community recreation use

To support the consolidation of aquatic facilities, the Olympic Pool site will be closed after the development and opening of the new 50 metre outdoor pool. The site will be redeveloped to an appropriate recreational purpose which will be determined through consultation with the community. The new use of the site will reflect the recreational and social needs the local neighbourhood and the wider community.

Closure of Yarrunga Aquatic Facility

After the establishment of the splash park at Mitchell Avenue Playground, the Yarrunga Aquatic Facility will be closed and the site redeveloped. The closure of the Yarrunga Aquatic Facility will allow for the consolidation of recreation and community facilities within the neighbourhood, and allow for new high quality and accessible facilities to be developed and used on a year round basis.


PDFRural City of Wangaratta Aquatics Plan 2014 (2320 KB)

Last Updated: 05-05-2016

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