Bushland and Waterway Reserves

Bushland and Waterway Reserves

The Rural City of Wangaratta is home to a number of picturesque rivers and creeks including the King and Ovens Rivers and the One Mile and Three Mile Creeks.

A close environment and recreational connection exists through linked cycling and walking tracks alongside local waterways, enabling a great way to explore local indigenous plants and wildlife.

Wangaratta has also developed two local wetlands within the municipality, located within the Cambridge Drive Estate and Wareena Park. Wetlands help to naturally filter stormwater runoff by using native plant and aquatic species to filter water and increase the waters oxygen levels, prior to returning to our rivers and creeks.

The key to restoring the environment is to allow it to naturally regenerate by removing competing pest and weeds. Council’s Bush Regeneration Team play a key role in preserving and enhancing our natural environment surrounding our nearby waterways. Key works include weed removal, including the removal of garden escapees, and replanting local indigenous species.

You can do your bit by taking your rubbish home with you, collecting your dog litter and most importantly enjoy our local waterways.

To discover more of Wangaratta's natural reserves surrounding waterways, download the Wangaratta Urban Landcare Group's "A Discovery Guide". An easy to follow guide highlighting Wangaratta's natural walking and cycling areas, enabling visitors and local residents to enjoy Wangaratta's surrounds and waterways.


PDFWULG "A Discovery Guide" (5449 KB)

PDFKaluna Park Management Plan (3994 KB)

Last Updated: 30-11-2016

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