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Heatwave Information

For life threatening or time critical emergencies contact 000

A heatwave is a period of excessively hot and uncomfortable weather that adversely affects human health or when temperatures rise much higher than usual for several days in a row.

If you think you, a family member of other person is experiencing the impact of hot weather please see your doctor or call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 60 60 24.  This is a phone service that provides immediate, expert health advice from a registered nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During a heatwave particular attention should be paid to those people whom you support that may be particularly vulnerable to heatwaves. People most vulnerable to heatwave events are aged over 65 years, children under 5, pregnant or nursing mothers, some people with disabilities or pre-existing medical conditions, people taking certain medications or those living alone with little social contact.

Responding to a Heatwave

  1. Keep out of the heat - look for shade and wear a hat

  2. Drink enough water

  3. Naturally cool your home - close windows and blinds in the day

  4. Talk to your health service if you have health issues

  5. Check on people who may struggle in the heat

  6. Help people who are feeling unwell.

Never Leave Children or Pets in Cars

Children or pets that are left unattended in parked cars for even a few minutes are at risk of serious heat-related illnesses and possibly death#

Further Information

Information on heatwave forecast is available from the Bureau of Meteorology website

For more on staying healthy in the heat visit the Department of Health and Human Services website