Major Council Policy Consultation Local Law No. 4 of 2015

This local law creates an enshrined commitment to public consultation on Major Council Policy proposals and provide opportunities for affected people to be heard by Council and for their submissions to be taken into account in Council’s deliberations.

A Major Council Policy is one that sets out Council’s position on an issue or set of issues to guide decision-making and the exercise of power in respect of decisions that impact on the lives and wellbeing of residents, ratepayers, visitors and businesses.  Major Council Policies are likely to include policies regarding allocation of community resources, allocation of Council grant funding, management of Council risks as well as policies related to Councillors, Councillor Support arrangements, Committees of Council and Councillor Conduct.

The local law provides that:

•    non-compliance with the Local Law procedure will render a Major Council Policy legally ineffective
•    a Major Council Policy Impact Statement is prepared and published to assist with the consultation process
•    existing policies listed in Schedule 2 of the proposed Local Law will be deemed to be Major Council Policies
•    Council may consult individually with any person whose interests are likely to be materially affected
•    the provisions of the proposed Local Law do not apply if, by or under the Act or any other Act, Council must follow a specified form of consultation
•    every Major Council Policy must be accessible and available at the Council office during ordinary business hours and on Council’s internet website.

PDFLocal Law No 4 - 2015 (881 KB)

Last Updated: 27-10-2015

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