Local Law No. 1 Community Amenity

Local Law No. 1 Community Amenity

When people think about community laws many picture the traditional image of uniformed officers issuing fines or catching dogs.

There is, of course, a lot more to community laws than this.  Just as areas of law-making and enforcement are divided between the federal and state governments, issues affecting individual municipalities are the responsibility of local councils. Laws made and enforced by local government are aimed at making each municipality a peaceful, safe and attractive place for you to live.

What Are Community Laws?

Community laws are set by the State Government and Council to curb anti-social and annoying behaviour within the community. They help to remove unnecessary nuisances and dangers, and encourage residents to consider their neighbours.  Council's community laws cover various aspects of the community including:

  • animal tresspass
  • dog attacks
  • dangerous dogs
  • animal noise and keeping of animals
  • general noise and prohibited times
  • unslightly, neglected or hazardous land
  • graffiti
  • incinerators and open air fires
  • consumption and possession of liquor
  • overhanging plants
  • advertising signs
  • abandoned vehicles
  • keeping of heavy vehicles
  • behaviour on Council land


PDFLocal Law No. 1 Community Impact Statement (225 KB)


Last Updated: 31-03-2016

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