Local Laws

Every municipality has laws which make living in that community more enjoyable for residents. As the name implies, local laws are only enforced in the local municipality; other municipalities have their own local laws.

Local laws are enforced by the Police and Council to regulate activities that impact on the local amenity.

Local Law No. 1 Community Amenity

Laws made and enforced by local government are aimed at making each municipality a peaceful, safe and attractive place for you to live. Read more

Governance and Meeting Conduct Local Law

The purpose of this Local Law is to— (a) Provide for the election of the Mayor; (b) Regulate the use of the common seal; (c) Provide for the procedures governing the conduct of meetings; (d) Establish the rules of behaviour for those participating Read more

Major Council Policy Consultation Local Law No. 4 of 2015

This local law creates an enshrined commitment to public consultation on Major Council Policy proposals and provide opportunities for affected people to be heard by Council and for their submissions to be taken into account in Council’s deliberations. Read more

Local Law No. 3 Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

The “Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail” is a multi use recreational pathway that has been developed on a former railway easement that has been set aside for recreational use including cycling and walking and other activities. Read more