Youth Council

Youth Council

Objectives of the Committee

  • To provide quality and timely advice to Council on issues related to or of concern to young people.
  • To provide an opportunity for young people to become involved in and contribute to the well being of local young people and the wider community.
  • To promote and encourage the involvement of youth in the planning, development and implementation of activities associated directly or indirectly with young people.
  • To provide an opportunity for young people to gain an understanding of the issues surrounding local government and its role in the community.
  • To foster community spirit and responsibility amongst young people.
  • To ensure all sectors of the community within the Rural City of Wangaratta have the opportunity to provide input into the directions and issues considered by the Committee.
  • To develop individual leadership skills including organisational, communication and personal skills among young people from which agreed participation outcomes can be achieved.

Functions of the Committee

  • To determine issues of relevance to youth in the local community and seek positive methods of addressing these issues.
  • To establish special interest groups and sub-committees (where appropriate) to carry out activities on behalf of the Youth Council, including coordination of youth events.  Such task forces and sub-committees shall be required to report findings to the Youth Council.
  • To regularly participate in and represent Youth Council in wider youth programs (eg: Creative Youth committee, Youth Action Conferences, youth groups)
  • To help coordinate and / or participate in community events where appropriate.
  • To provide quality and timely advice to Council, make recommendations or provide comment and the like.
  • To ensure the views of youth are canvassed and conveyed to Council.
  • To provide Council with a bi-annual Youth Strategic Plan for budget consideration.
  • To be involved in youth consultation as part of an ongoing community planning process and other Council community engagement activities.

For more information please visit the Wangaratta Youth Services web pages.

Last Updated: 24-11-2011

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