Place Naming Committee

Place Naming Committee

Objectives of the Committee

  • To provide advice and recommendation relating to the implementation of Council’s policies for naming places, roads, streets and other accessways and related work associated with commemorative plaques and other markers.
  • To administer the application of the following Council policies :
  • Place Naming Policy
  • Policy for Naming Roads Streets and Other Accessways
  • Commemorative Plaques and Other Markers

Functions of the Committee

  • To establish principles to assess naming proposals
  • Formulate a guideline to guide developers in suitable name types to propose in new subdivisions (consistent with Council Policy).
  • Report on any proposals for locality changes.
  • To generate a list of recommended place and road names relevant to particular districts that adhere to the principles for naming set out in Council policy.
  • To consider the application of Council policy to place and road name requests from members of the community and recommend to Council changes as appropriate within Council policy.
  • To periodically review the policies set out in 32.2 and recommend any necessary changes to Council.
  • To establish special interest task forces and subcommittees (where appropriate) to carry out work on behalf of the Committee. 
  • To provide quality and timely advice, make recommendations or provide comment to Council on issues considered appropriate by the Committee of matters referred by Council to the Committee.
  • To consider the relevance of requests for commemorative plaques and other markers to the associated place proposed for the plaque or marker.
  • To ensure all sectors of the community within the Rural City of Wangaratta have the opportunity to provide input into the directions and issues considered by the Committee.

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Last Updated: 01-07-2013

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